Echo Spot Screen Protector-Protect the Echo Spot's screen, remove residual fingerprints and protect the privacy of users.Designed By VMEI

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Why do we design this screen protector?

Beautiful cute Echo spot, a powerful feature is worth every one of us to have it. It is connected to the home network as long as a command can help us do a lot of things, really like a smart robot.

With all the privacy issues going on today, we've innovated the spot's Screen Protector

Our advice is: During spot use, keep the lid closed for long periods of time to block the camera unless you are using the spot camera and then open the lid.


  •  Echo spot not included.

What's in the Box

  •        1*Echo Spot glass Screen Protector 

  •        1 *Wet and Dry Wipes 

  •        1 *Dust Removal Stickers

  •        1 *Metal Webcam Cover (Has been installed on the Screen Protector) 

  •        1*Rubber sucker


  • Publisher: VMEI
  • Product Group: PC Accessory
  • Manufacturer: VMEI
  • Binding: Electronics
  • Brand: VMEI
  • Features:
    • ✅Meterial Design: Made of Highest Quality Tempered Glass CNC cutting, Webcam Cover made of stainless steel CNC to ensure thefine and perfect size.
    • ✅HD Clear: High-transparency allow an optimal and a natural viewingexperience, Ultra thin-0.33mm thickness keep reliable and resilient withhigh-sensitivity touch.
    • ✅Function: Waterproof, Oil-Resistant, Anti-Fingerprint and Shatter-Proof. TurnOff Webcam Cover to prevent hackers from invading the network peeping personalprivacy.
    • ✅Easy to install: Promises a super easy, frustration-free and bubble-freeinstallation. Automatically attaches to the screen without annoyed bubbles andremoved without residue.
    • ✅Package Includes and Warranty: 1*Echo Spot glass Screen Protector 1 *Wet and Dry Wipes 1 *Dust Removal Stickers 1 *Metal Webcam Cover (Has been installed on the Screen Protector) 1*Rubber sucker, VMEI after-sales service: 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty. 100% Risk-free
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Weight: 13
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 480L x 480W x 31H
    • Weight: 13
  • List Price: $22.99
  • UPC: 190835492221
  • ASIN: B07928V3QW